The Books "Freedom From Expression"

Freedom From Expression
RELEASE DATE: 12-11-2013

The Books were one of modern music's most vital players of this still-young millennium. Over the course of four albums in ten years' time, they eschewed genres and pigeonholes so effortlessly and earnestly that they ultimately pioneered a new genre (or three) in the process. And for all the speechlessness their recordings inspired, their videos were every bit as beguiling: a surreal mix of bizarre found footage, home movies, and psychedelic animated imagery that fit their music so well that the two became virtually inseparable in their live performances. Freedom From Expression collects every video ever made by the Books, compiled in chronological order. It's enormously satisfying and fulfilling to map the progression from humble bedroom curiosities through to hilariously warped experimental art films masquerading as music videos. At over two hours in length across 21 videos, it is an invaluable piece of the Books' universe, one that demands constant replays, and delivers as many emotional and cerebral twists and turns as anything else in their absurdly unique and forward-thinking catalog.


1. That Right Ain't Shit

2. Be Good To Them Always

3. Smells Like Content

4. Take Time

5. Meditation

6. It Never Changes To Stop

7. Tokyo

8. All A's

9. If Now, Whenever

10. Classy Penguin

11. 8 Frame

12. An Owl With Knees

13. Twelve Fold Chain

14. Cello Song Feat. Jose Gonzales

15. Handfart Man

16. Group Autogenics I

17. I Didn't Know That

18. A Cold Freezin' Night

19. Chain of Missing Links

20. We Bought The Flood

21. Mommy Daddy


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